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Wednesday, 8 January 2014 17:16
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Oh boy did Oxford has horrendous traffic at the moment..  The current flooding has closed Abingdon Road (going south out of the city centre); Botley Road (coming west) was partially flooded in several places and where it turns into Westway it's completely flooded then overnight they closed the road completely; plus yesterday was day back after Christmas & New Year for many schools etc too.  The rivers around here have been on flood alert since Christmas, it's only these last couple of days, with even more rainfall, that it's turned to flood warnings.

High Street and St Aldates were gridlocked yesterday evening and the bus driver of the number 10 I was on from Cowley to the city centre suggested we get off at Queen's Lane and walk the rest of the way.  When I got into the city centre I could see hellishly long bus queues in St Aldates and again in Bonn Square for another route.  George Street was strangely quiet, the queues weren't too bad and an S1 arrived at the stop shortly after I joined the queue.  Of course the bus soon found traffic and it took rather a long time to do the two miles to Botley/Elms Parade thanks to no doubt some traffic that would usually use the Abingdon Road combined with partial flooding in several places on the Botley Road and all the way across where it becomes Westway.  Got home at 6:40 pm (having left the office at 4:15 pm).

A bus using colleague who left the office after me last night ended up walking most of the way into the city centre as the gridlock in the city centre spread further and further out and thus up the Cowley Road.


Today with Botley Road closed the journey into Oxford this morning was diverted along the A34 from Botley to Peartree then down the Woodstock Road to drop off at the usual (pickup) bus stop in George Street and amazingly I was still in St Aldates to get my usual 6:50 am number 1 bus.  Tonight coming home I had a lift from a colleague who lives in village about three miles north of here and I got home 35 minutes after leaving the office without having to run the gauntlet of the city centre or the S1 on diversion.

At least both major bus companies have got their act together quite well considering the traffic. The 400 Park & Ride service that usually goes Thornhill P&R (east of Oxford) to Seacourt P&R off the Botley Road hasn't been going to Seacourt since Monday when that car park started flooding so they've now got the 400 running to and from the railway station (it usually goes past it like the S1 etc)  to city centre (then off on it's usual route to Thornhill) so that all the other bus routes that usually terminate at the railway station are able to terminate in the city centre (or at Gloucester Green bus station)  - and it's not like there's a lot of trains running since there's a whole load of flooding (as usual) on the lines to/from Didcot limiting speed etc. 

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