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Wednesday, 8 January 2014 17:16
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Oh boy did Oxford has horrendous traffic at the moment..  The current flooding has closed Abingdon Road (going south out of the city centre); Botley Road (coming west) was partially flooded in several places and where it turns into Westway it's completely flooded then overnight they closed the road completely; plus yesterday was day back after Christmas & New Year for many schools etc too.  The rivers around here have been on flood alert since Christmas, it's only these last couple of days, with even more rainfall, that it's turned to flood warnings.

High Street and St Aldates were gridlocked yesterday evening and the bus driver of the number 10 I was on from Cowley to the city centre suggested we get off at Queen's Lane and walk the rest of the way.  When I got into the city centre I could see hellishly long bus queues in St Aldates and again in Bonn Square for another route.  George Street was strangely quiet, the queues weren't too bad and an S1 arrived at the stop shortly after I joined the queue.  Of course the bus soon found traffic and it took rather a long time to do the two miles to Botley/Elms Parade thanks to no doubt some traffic that would usually use the Abingdon Road combined with partial flooding in several places on the Botley Road and all the way across where it becomes Westway.  Got home at 6:40 pm (having left the office at 4:15 pm).

A bus using colleague who left the office after me last night ended up walking most of the way into the city centre as the gridlock in the city centre spread further and further out and thus up the Cowley Road.


Today with Botley Road closed the journey into Oxford this morning was diverted along the A34 from Botley to Peartree then down the Woodstock Road to drop off at the usual (pickup) bus stop in George Street and amazingly I was still in St Aldates to get my usual 6:50 am number 1 bus.  Tonight coming home I had a lift from a colleague who lives in village about three miles north of here and I got home 35 minutes after leaving the office without having to run the gauntlet of the city centre or the S1 on diversion.

At least both major bus companies have got their act together quite well considering the traffic. The 400 Park & Ride service that usually goes Thornhill P&R (east of Oxford) to Seacourt P&R off the Botley Road hasn't been going to Seacourt since Monday when that car park started flooding so they've now got the 400 running to and from the railway station (it usually goes past it like the S1 etc)  to city centre (then off on it's usual route to Thornhill) so that all the other bus routes that usually terminate at the railway station are able to terminate in the city centre (or at Gloucester Green bus station)  - and it's not like there's a lot of trains running since there's a whole load of flooding (as usual) on the lines to/from Didcot limiting speed etc. 

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Tuesday, 10 July 2012 20:21
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If you're only reading my journal here on Dreamwidth you might want to take a look at this post on LJ http://sazandra.livejournal.com/763492.html

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Monday, 4 June 2012 10:42
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Today there is actually some sunshine and blue sky along with rather a lot of big clouds but at least it isn't bucketing down with rain like yesterday. Yes the weather realized the bank holiday had been moved so was okay last weekend then did the usual trick of being lousy this weekend. All I'm going to say is the Queen looked pretty cold on that boat at yesterday's river pageant in London and it's a good job they had a plan b for yesterday's lunch down in the village square if it rained of putting the tables and chairs in the parish church and the nearby church halls.

We didn't go down for that though we may go down to the square for the beacon lighting tonight, providing it isn't pouring with rain again. Not sure how much there will be much to see since it will be a torch up on top of the church tower (well it is the highest point in the village) unlike other places around here where they're having a bonfire up on a nearby hill or the like.

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Saturday, 17 March 2012 18:36
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I've managed to spend half of this afternoon looking through aerial photographs on the Ashmolean Museum website. They have a collection of photos taken in the 1930's by Major George Allen who one of the first people in the county to own an aeroplane and he went off taking photos of archaeological sites, towns etc. Lots of pictures of crop marks, which get a bit boring after a while, and places I'm not familar with but there are some places I am familar with, even if they've changed somewhat.

[You'll need to copy and paste these complete URLs]

http://www.ashmolean.org/ash/objects/makedetail.php?pmu=422&mu=423>y=brow&sec=&dtn=20&sfn=County,Site name,Accession Number(s)&cpa=44&rpos=866

[If you click on the photo it comes up a bit bigger]

Showing the floods we had back in July 2007 are nothing new. This photo is looking south, of the Thames and Evenlode valleys in flood. The crossroads just below and left of the middle of the photo is where the A40 crosses the old Eynsham to Cassington road and the higher ground in the upper left of the photo is the western edge of Wytham hill. Eynsham itself is off the right side of the photo.

Since the collection of photos were taken around the time the 'Northern Bypass' for Oxford was built there are several of this end of the new road.

http://www.ashmolean.org/ash/objects/makedetail.php?pmu=422&mu=423>y=brow&sec=&dtn=20&sfn=County,Site name,Accession Number(s)&cpa=56&rpos=1105

Looking east with the A40 snaking off into the distance. The dark bits at the top right are the woods on Wytham hill. The road junction at the bottom of the photo is where Cuckoo Lane (going off to the left, towards Freeland and North Leigh) joins the old road to Oxford, which is the road going off to the right which became Old Witney Road. About a third of the way up from the bottom on the very right of the photo is a line of houses on Witney Road but at that stage the road hadn't been continued straight on to join the A40. The whole chunk of land to the right of the A40 up to about half way up the photo (where the eastern bypass for Eynsham now is) was already starting to be being built on.

I can workout where I live on the photo quite easily as the fields on the left (north) side of the road still are the same shapes and the line of the lower part of Spareacre Lane is there (the lane with a hedgerow curving out from the village, being cut across by the A40 then continues on to the north of the A40). I love old photos that I can relate too. :)


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