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Yes I know I haven't posted for 'a while'.  

So today it's 20 weeks until Chevron 8.1, so I'm now nearer to Chevron 8.1 than it is past Chevron 8.0.

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Thursday, 30 May 2013 17:14
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1 day until Chevron 8.0 and I have almost finished packing, basically just my kindle to go in my new shoulder bag and a few odds and ends to go in my case, and the weather looks like it will be reasonable as in dry and reasonably warm for the weekend, which is something of an upturn considering this year so far has been the chilliest  in 50 years.

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Friday, 19 April 2013 19:16
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6 weeks until Chevron 8.0
It's going to be a long 6 weeks with work the way it is. 

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Friday, 22 March 2013 19:02
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10 weeks until Chevron 8.0   

Have we got to soon yet?

As far as the weather is concerned we certainly haven't got to spring yet.  Here today has been wet, windy and bitterly cold.  Tomorrow snow is due to return.

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Friday, 15 March 2013 18:57
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11 weeks until Chevron 8.0   
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22 weeks until Chevron 8.0

No the tags for this post aren't a figment of your/mine/anybody else's imagination, I'm revisiting AYAMII (again).  

The other week I was re-reading part of AYAM (revisited) on my kindle then moved onto looking at AYAMII, what can I say but there are bits of  AYAMII  that need fixing in light of AYAM (revisited).  I've taken a copy of the February 2007 edit of  AYAMII and removed a few sentences that now make me wince, yes I was obviously happy with them at the time (either the October 2003 or 2007) but things move on.  I have now sorted most of the where Daniel should be turning into Dan thing, the lack of which really jumped out at me when I re-read the fic, and am now working on some 'thin' bits that I feel really need some attention. Oh yeah and trying to untangle the POV in a couple of bits where even I'm not sure if it's supposed to be more Daniel or Jack's POV.

I have also had another look at what I've scribbled down of my (Daniel/Mitchell) season nine SG-1 plot bunny (tentatively known as 'Totally Off The Grid' aka AYAMVI), it needs typing up and taming!  I've also gained a new (late season five SG-1) plot bunny (that isn't related to anything I've put online previously).  What to do first?  Commit new plot bunny to paper and possibly go with that or tame what I've got of AYAMVI so far?  Whatever I go with it will give me something to mull over on my many bus journeys to and from work in the new year.
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27 weeks until Chevron 8.0   

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Friday, 2 November 2012 08:51
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And so the first day of Chevron 7.9 arrives, well it 'arrived' too early for me this morning - I'd fallen asleep around my usual weekday time yesterday evening so this morning I was wide awake at 4 am!  I somehow doubt I'll manage to stay awake that late this evening, yes there is a party I could go to but if I'm tired I'm tired and sleep is required.  It is one drawback of the end of summer term and the clocks changing, my body stays on summer time even if I try to sleep later and all for quite some time afterwards.  

New camera arrived on Wednesday, had a little play with it that evening and some more yesterday.  It doesn't 'feel' that different to the last one, okay a few of the controls are slightly different so it's just try things out and see what I get. Not sure how many photos I'm likely to take over the weekend so have packed as many sets of AA sized batteries as I've got (and ordered another box of 40 online last night) as I've no idea yet how greedy (or otherwise) new camera really is with them.

I may or may not post over the weekend, I did manage a test post on LJ a few days ago which worked fine, and if I do I suspect I'll just do it on LJ so if you're only reading my posts on DW I apologize.

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Friday, 19 October 2012 19:30
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2 weeks until Chevron 7.9   
14 days of which there are 8 working days - does that mean the con is soon?

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Friday, 20 July 2012 18:32
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Only 15 weeks to go until Chevron 7.9

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Friday, 13 July 2012 14:16
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Only 16 weeks to go until Chevron 7.9 :)
Yes I am wishing away what is still a very soggy summer.

What I forgot to post last night was that on my way into Marks & Spencer to buy food yesterday I walked past something that caught my eye  
Foil Star Print Lightweight Scarf  neither photo on their website really does it justice.

As I paid for my food I thought yes I do want to take another look so back to the front of the shop to take a better look and yes I did get myself one :) It's not exactly something I have a great need of but it's pretty to look at.  Will I be able to remember where I've put it by November when I'm packing for Chevron 7.9?  Probably not.


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